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The Piano Emporium is your go-to destination for buying beautiful new and used grand pianos for sale, in Asheville and Weaverville, North Carolina. If space is available and budget allows, a grand piano is always a wonderful choice. They’re known to be more desirable for their quality tone and touch, as well as their gorgeous aesthetics. We have many quality grand pianos for sale available both new and used to fit most any budget. Please browse our galleries or inquire about a specific piano you may be looking for.

Learn About Grand Pianos

The Grand Piano was invented circa 1700 by an Italian named Bartolomeo Cristofori. The purpose was to build a keyboard instrument which could play both soft (piano) and loud (forte). The name pianoforte or fortepiano described his instrument and eventually became referred to as the piano. The first pianos were similar to harpsichords in that they had sets of tuned strings held in place by a wooden case with a soundboard underneath. Major differences however, were that the harpsichord is plucked, thus keeping the volume consistent and uncontrolled, whereas the piano strings are hit by a hammer and the force of this blow is modified by the pianist, giving great differences in volume. The action within the grand piano is capable of faster repetition and more precise control, giving way to greater expression than that of a vertical piano. The tone quality of a grand piano is also more fully developed. Grand pianos have their strings positioned horizontally. They usually have 3 legs but some have more. Grand pianos for sale range in size from 4 1/2 feet to over 9 feet long, and they come in many different cabinet styles, shapes and finishes. Grand pianos make an excellent addition to any home and are instantly recognizable for their beauty and distinct appearance. Call the Piano Emporium today at 828.277.5566 for our Asheville, NC store, or 828.484.9846 for our store in Weaverville, both of which are easily accessible for Tennessee residents as well. We look forward to providing you with more information, and helping you find the beautiful grand piano for sale which you’ve always wanted.