Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How often should my piano be tuned?  

Answer: As a matter of standard maintenance, a piano should be tuned at least twice a year. (A new piano should be tuned 4 times the first year to compensate for string stretch and normal settling.) Regular service by a qualified technician will help you to avoid expensive repairs in the future.

2.  What is a pitch raise or pitch adjustment?

Answer: When strings stretch above or drop below optimal tension a pitch adjustment is necessary to bring the piano back to the international pitch standard of A-440. (This usually requires the tuner to make 2, 3 or even more passes/tunings for every string on the piano.)

3.  When does a piano need rebuilding?

Answer: A pianos touch, tone and exterior will decline with age and depending on the quality of the piano, its usage and maintenance performed will determine how soon it may need rebuilding. The best way to decide is to have the piano evaluated by a qualified technician to determine what the individual piano needs.

4.  Is rebuilding worth the expense versus replacement?

Answer: Not all pianos are worth restoration and many times on smaller instruments the cost of restoration is more than the cost of a new one. However, most large high quality pianos can be rebuilt for less than the cost of a new one depending on brand and current market.  Also, if the piano has sentimental value to its owner this may justify the restoration costs.

5.  Do you move pianos?

Answer: Yes, we do. We move all sizes of grands, uprights, organs and even square grands. We prefer not to navigate steps or rough terrain but can do so for an extra charge. Also, we can even help you facilitate a crane for a hoist job if necessary.

6.  What is a digital piano?  

Answer: A modern electronic musical instrument that serves as an alternative to a traditional acoustic piano. Most digital pianos have the look and feel of an acoustic piano but without the maintenance of tuning as there are no strings.

7.  Do you buy pianos?  

Answer: Occasionally we will purchase high quality and name brand used instruments that have a good resale market. Each potential piano will be thoroughly evaluated to determine any value it may have before any offer is made.

8.  Do you offer consignments?  

Answer: Yes, we do have consigned pianos, all of which have to undergo a rigorous inspection to determine if the instrument meets our criteria for quality and if it needs any repairs or maintenance before making it available to sell.

9.  Do you offer financing?

Answer: Yes, we work with Allegro Acceptance who specializes in easy keyboard instrument financing. We finance new, used, acoustic or digital and have competitive rates with flexible terms.

10. Do your pianos have a warranty?

Answer: Yes, the new instruments come with a manufacturer’s warranty (usually 10 years on acoustic and 5 years on digitals) and all the used acoustic instruments come with a 1 year or more warranty to be tunable, playable and serviceable.