Piano for Sale and Piano Restoration in Tennessee

Pianos for Sale and Piano Restoration in Tennessee

states-ArtCaseIf you live in Tennessee and you’re looking for a new or used piano, you’ve just discovered the best source: Piano Emporium.  Located just over the mountain in Weaverville and Asheville, NC, Piano Emporium services hundreds of clients in Tennessee, and we offer a variety of new and used pianos for sale to match anyone’s style, taste, and budget. In addition to serving as a respected Tennessee piano dealer, we also specialize in exquisite piano restoration.  Whatever the piano model or style, our experienced piano technicians will bring it fully up to date, restoring the look, touch, and feel of any piano’s former glory. We also offer affordable, statewide, and coast-to-coast piano moving services.  Whether you live in or are moving from Johnson City, Bristol, Kingsport or beyond, Piano Emporium is your go-to place for safe, secure piano relocation.  Email Piano Emporium today for more information, or phone our friendly sales staff at (828)-277-5566 to discover why so many Tennessee residents trust Piano Emporium for all their piano needs. states-Hand