The Right Piano Care, the Right Technician

Piano Care: Making Sure You Have the Right Technician

Piano Care - Open PianoYour piano is probably one of the most mechanically complex items you own. There are over 10,000 individual parts in a piano that all need to be maintained in order for the instrument to work properly. Even the best cared-for pianos require occasional work, and they certainly should be tuned at least twice a year – not only for the sake of the piano player, but for the overall health of the instrument too – so, getting the right piano care is extremely important.

Piano care Technician at work

Piano technician regulating the action

Because these instruments are so complex, it is also important to have the right person service your piano. Here at Piano Emporium, we are fortunate to have three Registered Piano Technicians (RPTs). These members are part of the Piano Technicians Guild, which is the world’s premiere source of expertise in piano service and technology. Between all of our techs, we have over 80 years of experience tuning, maintaining, and servicing pianos. 

Notice keys starting to stick? Your piano doesn’t have the same sound or feel that you remember when you first got it? Any notes having trouble repeating? If you find yourself stuck with any of these problems (or anything else relative to your piano), please don’t hesitate to give us a call! We are here to serve you.

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