Monthly Rentals

Quality Piano Rental for students from Piano Emporium, Asheville, NC

Monthly Piano Rental


There are many advantages to renting a traditional piano before purchasing one, and it’s the best long-term option for beginning piano students. Buying a piano is a permanent investment, yet renting one allows for no loss of use should a student change his or her mind about being the next Alicia keys or Elton John.

At Piano Emporium, we offer easy, monthly piano rentals. Our upright and vertical pianos that may be rented for only $65.00 (plus tax) a month, with a moving fee of only $250, is the wisest choice for beginning students. There is a 6 month minimum commitment to rent and in month 7 you can make the decision to purchase or simply stop renting with no further obligation.

When you’re ready to rent a piano, we’re here to make it a smooth and easy experience. Simply send us an email or phone Piano Emporium at 828-277-5566, and let us start you on your way toward renting the perfect piano for your needs.