How to clean piano keys

There are many types of piano key covering materials that have been used through the years.  Ivory, celluloid, plastic, walrus and even wooly mammoth to name a few. There are also many glues used in adhesion.  These glues can be unpredictable when used with chemical cleaners. It is best to stay clear of using any type of chemical cleaner to clean piano keys. To be safe use a damp white cloth followed by a dry cloth.  Pay special attention to not allow moisture to penetrate into the wood. If necessary, use a gentle soap added to the water solution. Another safe product for cleaning piano keys is Cory Key-Brite which cleans, brightens, and preserves all plastic, ivory, ivorite, and wood instrument keys. Cory’s instructions for spraying directly onto the keys should be avoided.  Spray onto a clean cloth and then gently rub onto the key top surface.

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