Getting the Most Out of Your Instrument: Helping Your Piano Retain its Value

Caring for Your Piano

Do you own a piano? Are you thinking about possibly selling it? There are some things you can do to help it retain its value.

Buying an instrument is an emotional decision. In order for someone to pay a fair market price for your piano, they will need to fall in love with the idea of buying it first. Help your piano retain its valueHow can you help retain its value? Make sure the piano is receiving regular tunings so it is functioning at its best. These are ideally done during the spring and the fall, when the humidity levels start to drastically change. Another thing to consider would be to have the action regulated, so it feels smooth and effortless to play. Your piano doesn’t sound like it used to? Consider having one of our RPT [Registered Piano Technician] certified techs voice your piano (see Does Your Piano Need Voicing? for more information on exactly what this process entails, and check out our blog The Right Piano Care, the Right Technician to learn more about why you should use an RPT certified tech) to improve its sound. And use a PRE-APPROVED method of conditioning the finish – DO NOT use some of the ‘do it yourself’ techniques, like using lemon juice, as this can irreparably damage the finish and hurt the value of the piano. We sell a few different piano-specific polishes that will make your piano shine like new!

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Just remember, first impressions are important. If you decide to sell your instrument, and it’s not in tune, someone who may have otherwise bought your piano may play it and decide it’s not for them – even if they KNOW that all it needs is a regular tuning. Buying an instrument really is an emotional decision. Make sure you do your part to make that interaction between the potential buyer and your instrument as impactful as possible.Antique Piano


If you have a piano but know little about its history, make sure to check out our Antique Piano Guide to help you get started. Have any questions? Give us a call at (828)277-5566, and we will be glad to help! 

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