Give Your Child the Gift of Music

Music heals the mind, body and soul. In our current, broken world, the need for music may never have been so important. Scientific study after study have shown that the power of music stretches far past just generating the impulse to dance. Soothing classical music has been proven to reduce blood pressure, alleviate anxiety, child with headphonesdecrease depression, take away general tension, and correct mood disorders – as opposed to treating these issues with prescription pills, which in turn create a litany of other problems.   

Studies have demonstrated that learning to play an instrument exponentially increases these health benefits. Not only does playing an instrument improve the speed and efficiency of established cognitive pathways, but it also helps create new ones – especially in the cortexes that handle mathematics and language. These changes aid in the processing of information beyond just musical notes and rhythms, and have been shown to actually increase the proficiency of vital organs. The world in which we live is full of tension and stress, and having music as part of your daily life can help your mind and body cope with the pressures.

For these same reasons, it is extremely beneficial to introduce your children to music as well. If introduced at an early age, the likelihood that they will eventually develop the skill set to play an instrument is greatly increased. boy at the pianoBut just having music present in your home is enough to increase the cerebral benefits music brings.

Exposing children at an early age to the world of music can help create cognitive pathways that otherwise may not develop, or at least not as strongly. It has been proven that children who are exposed to music – particularly the learning of a musical instrument – learn new information faster (and retain it better) than their non-instrument-playing peers. If you really want to give your child a head start in life, introduce them to a musical instrument.

The piano is a great place to start. Out of all instruments, it is the one that is most immediately playable. Without any formal training, anyone can play all 88 notes of a standard acoustic kids at the pianopiano. Like all other instruments, there is absolutely proper technique in playing the piano as well, but no other instrument (except similar percussive instruments, like the marimba or vibraphone) is as immediately accessible – making it the perfect instrument to introduce a child to. As an added bonus, pianos double as beautiful decorative pieces for the house. Having a piano present in the house is often enough to generate the curiosity to start playing (that’s how I got my start!).

Here at the Piano Emporium, we have pianos of all colors and sizes that fit every budget and preference. Child with musicCome by either of our two locations – 828 Hendersonville Rd, Asheville, NC or 285 N. Main St., Weaverville, NC – to see our selection of both new and used instruments, and give your child the gift of music!

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