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The Stick

The Stick I was beginning a service call at a rather large church, with an equally large inventory of pianos. The pianos were spread all over various floors and different buildings. In earlier visits, I had found either staff or

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The Itinerant Tuner

Harvey Chronicles: The Itinerant Tuner Convincing piano owners of the need for regular tuning and service – whether the piano is used regularly or not –has been an ongoing problem for all piano technicians since pianos were invented. This subject may be

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Church in the Wildwood

Harvey Chronicles: Church in the Wildwood Actually, not in the wildwood, but certainly off the beaten path, as many in my client list have been. My gauges for off the beaten path include: 1) getting lost both ways, coming and

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The Garage Apartment

Harvey Chronicles: The Garage Apartment If you are familiar with garage apartments, especially those from decades ago, you know that available space is at a premium. Depending on the size, often they consist of only a stairwell, kitchenette, bath, and one

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The Yard Sale Piano

Harvey Chronicles: The Yard Sale Piano This service call happened many years ago, a guess would be around 1976. While the story is old, variations have been repeated quite often, and the implications are still viable today. A prospective client

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