Antique Piano Restoration, Piano Refinishing
& Piano Repairs

These are just a few of the terms used for various levels of refurbishing older worn instruments and bringing them back to a playable and serviceable condition. One question to ask yourself is, will the piano be worth the cost of the rebuild? In most cases the answer is yes, and our piano restoration process can make your piano look and play like new again.

If you have a Steinway vintage piano or another brand you are thinking of having refinished or restored, or you're looking for antique pianos, please read through our information on piano restoration and even our piano buyer's guide for common questions and answers.

Located in North Carolina, we also work with many clients from other areas in the region, including South Carolina and Tennessee. We can help move your piano or refer you to another qualified technician, ensuring that we can handle the needs of all of our potential clients throughout NC, SC and TN.

Scroll down the page for before and after photos of a Steinway Grand Piano Restoration.

Piano restoration and piano repairs

With grand pianos we go an extra step to include repairing the soundboard or replacement if necessary, as well as pin block replacement.

Ask about our player piano restoration or modern piano player retrofit for most any piano, upright or grand.

Send an email and tell us about your piano. We will be happy to give you a free estimate for your piano restoration. We work with customers from all over, including NC, SC and TN.

What are the benefits of Piano Restoration?

Piano repairs and/or restoration will cost a fraction of a new one.

Several antique piano case styles are unavailable today.

Wood quality in antique pianos is far superior to today's wood.

Keeping a sentimental heirloom piano in its best playable condition.

Piano refinishing is easy on the environment.

Most older pianos were built by hand.

Each piano restoration may contain a component of rebuilding, reconditioning and general purpose piano repair. Each piano is unique in what it may or may not need within this process. We emphasize education within each customer so that they completely understand what is included in the restoration of their piano. An itemization of work, along with a detailed explanation, is included with each piano restoration estimate.

Many items/tasks in our piano refinishing would include:

  • Refinish piano cabinet or case
  • Polish brass
  • Replacement or repair of the soundboard, including finish and decal ( if applicable)
  • Bridge repair and/or recapping
  • Replace pinblock
  • Refinish plate
  • Repin and Restring
  • New Damper felts with refinished damper heads
  • Damper regulation
  • Replace or renew repetition levers
  • New Hammers, shanks and flanges
  • Restore Ivory keytops or replace with quality plastic keytops
  • New key bushings
  • New action felts
  • Action regulation
  • Tuning
  • Voicing

Before and After Photos of Piano Restoration

Steinway Grand Restoration Photos

Below are photos of the Case, Plate, Strings and Pins, Soundboard, Bridges and Dampers before and after

Steinway Before

Steinway After

Plate, Pins and Strings before

Plate, Pins and Strings after

Below, veneer is missing from arm on right side of piano

Missing Veneer

Right arm repaired and veneer replaced

Veneer Repaired

Steinway grand piano being disassembled before restoration

Case before

Steinway grand after completion, ready for delivery

Case after

Mahogany Steinway